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A few years ago, I wrote fly fishing stories and made short videos under a brand dubbed “The Modern Trout Bum.” I’ve since moved on, but one old video I made has recently been on my mind.

Starring my buddy Hyrum Weaver (of High on the Fly), this short film details a reason that many of us go fishing in the first place – for the solitude.

I’ve had a crummy past couple of weeks, as is evident by my spotty publication of stories here on Spencer Durrant Outdoors. Hopefully, the ship rights itself soon, but in the interim, I’m spending time on the water, trying to find the things Hyrum describes in this video.

Spencer Durrant is a fly fishing writer and guide from Utah. He’s the Lead Guide/Owner of The Utah Fly Fishing Company, the News Editor for MidCurrent, and a columnist for Hatch Magazine. Connect with him on Instagram/Twitter, @Spener_Durrant. 

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