Spencer Durrant Outdoors is the modern sporting journal for those who define their lives by what they do. From hunting, backpacking, camping, and fly fishing, to trolling for lake trout or peak-bagging in the Rockies, we all have something about the outdoors that shapes our lifestyle. Spencer Durrant Outdoors is the home for those stories – and anything else helpful in your journey.

Spencer Durrant is a fly fishing writer, outdoors columnist, and novelist from Utah. He’s had work appear in Field & Stream, American Angler, Trout Magazine, Sporting Classics Daily, Hatch Magazine, Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine, and other national publications. Known in the fly fishing world for gear reviews and humorous stories about bachelorhood and trout, Spencer created Spencer Durrant Outdoors to serve as the home base for the stories he has to tell.

Whether you’re new to the sporting world, or you’ve been at this game longer than most of us have been alive, there’s something for you here. One of the most amazing things the outdoors does is bring people together who otherwise would never meet. The hope is that the connections built through Spencer Durrant Outdoors are as rich and fulfilling as any friendship forged on early-morning drives, long stretches of quiet fishing, and the backbreaking satisfaction of hauling big game off the mountain.

The world’s waiting. Go out and get it.

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