I’m a third-rate fly fisherman, second-rate writer, and first-rate conniving son of a gun. I say that because I’ve somehow managed to convince more than a few folks that my writing is worth money.

As one of my writing icons John Gierach once said, all writers are just waiting to be discovered for the frauds they truly are.

Preach, John.

That aside – I am a passionate fly fisher. I was born and grown in the Rocky Mountains, working ranches, farms, and orchards growing up. I started writing in high school and never really stopped.

My big break came with the Utah Jazz, when Matt Sanchez hired me to work as a feature writer for the 2013-14 NBA season. That job provided me with a wealth of opportunities down the road, and I’m now the author of the Trout Bum column for the Standard-Examiner, the Cutthroat Chronicles at Fishwest, am a regular contributor to Hatch Magazine, On the Fly Magazine, and the Orvis Fly Fishing Blog.

I run my own company as well – Wasatch Writing Services, LLC.

I spend most of my time criss-crossing the Western United States in search of my next great fly fishing adventure. Half of my writing is done from cheap motels on WiFi slower than dial-up.

If it makes you feel any better, I’m far less interesting in person than I appear to be online.