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Bamboo fly rods embody the best things about fly fishing. Just like fishing requires your utmost concentration and effort, so too does building a fine-casting rod from stalks of dried grass.

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These rods take anywhere from 80 – 100 hours to build. I don’t take any shortcuts, and I make sure each rod is worth taking out on the river before I send it off to a customer.

I also took care to price my rods at what I feel is reasonable – especially considering the warranty I offer. Bamboo fly rods aren’t a cheap investment, but I don’t think they should be cost-prohibitive.

2-piece, 1-tip $995.00
2-piece, 2-tip $1,250.00
Custom sizing $1,500.00+

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All rods include:

  • Lifetime Warranty: This warranty is good for the lifetime of the original owner, and covers any problems that arise due to manufacturing defects. If a rod breaks for any other reason – like snapping in a truck door – repairs start at $250.00
  • Nickel Silver Ferrules*: If you opt for traditional metal ferrules, I use only the best nickel-silver ferrules I can find. Each set of ferrules is custom fit and lapped to fit your rod.
  • Silk Thread Wraps: I use various brands of silk threads to wrap guides in place, giving you the option for a translucent finish, or a solid color. Wraps can be tipped with other colors if you want.
  • Snake Brand Guides: These are the same high-quality guides you’ll find on rods from big-name builders like Orvis, Winston, and Scott.
  • Exotic Wood Reel Seats: I take great pride in sourcing amazing exotic and domestic wood for use in reel seats. Popular options include purpleheart, bloodwood, cocobolo, paduak, Russian olivewood, box elder burl, and figured maple.
  • Rod Tube/Sock: I take the time to source high-quality powder-coated aluminum rod tubes, along with hand-sewn rod socks.

    *I also have the capability to do bamboo ferrules on my rods. If you’d prefer a bamboo ferrule, or want to know more about them, please let me know on your Order Inquiry Form.

Rods are built with Peak Bamboo, which I buy directly from Russ Gooding. Russ imports the Tonkin cane from China – the only place in the world that grows bamboo suitable for building cane rods.

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Rod Models

My bamboo fly rods are built per the specific tapers of classic makers, such as Paul Young, Everett Garrison, and H.L. Leonard. These tapers are proven to be timelessly effective, and I don’t see a reason to mess with a good thing.

With that said, I do have some proprietary tapers in the works. I can also build any taper you want, so if you don’t see it listed below, don’t worry – I’ll still get it built.

2/3wt Rods

A 2 or 3wt bamboo rod is perfect for tiny dry flies, fished on smaller creeks and streams. Think of the Rocky Mountain High Country, and you’ll instantly see where these rods shine.

  • Leonard Baby Catskill, 7′ 2wt: This short 2wt is all about soft presentations on calm water, to spooky trout. With the classic Leonard action, you’ll be able to fish this rod all day and not get tired.
  • Paul Young Driggs River 7’2″ 3wt: This is a modified version of Young’s Driggs River 4wt. I loved the 4wt taper so much, I tuned it down to take a 3wt line. With more backbone than the Baby Catskill, this rod is ideal for all-around dry fly fishing on all but the biggest rivers.

4wt Rods

This is where bamboo really shines, in my opinion. These 4wt tapers are perfect for small to large dry flies, and even some occasional nymphing. These rods are by far my most popular.

  • Garrison 202E 7′ 4wt: This rod features a nice progressive action with a quick, lively tip. One of Garrison’s most popular rods, and one of my personal favorites to build.
  • Payne 100 7’6″ 4wt: This is a slower, softer rod than the Garrison 202E. It’s a Payne, after all – these tapers are renowned for their subtlety, especially with dry flies.
  • Paul Young Midge #2 6’3″ 4wt: A slightly parabolic action, in a small frame, combines to make this an interesting, yet fun rod to fish. If you’ve fished any modern fiberglass rods, you’ll fall in love with this Paul Young.
  • Paul Young Perfectionist 7’6″ 4wt: This is a slow, parabolic rod with an incredibly soft tip section. You could fish tiny flies on whisper-thin tippet and not break them off. The trick is slowing down your cast long enough to make this rod work for you.
  • Dickerson 7012 7′ 4wt: Dickerson rods are known for being among the best bamboo rods for those who’ve only ever fished graphite. They have a quick, fast-recovering action that’s even more crisp than the Garrison 202E.

5/6wt Rods

For those of you wanting to chase bigger trout with bigger flies, or you want something that’s more of a do-it-all bamboo fly rod, then a 5 or 6wt is the rod for you.

  • Payne 101 7’6″ 5wt: Without a doubt, this is the most popular rod I build, and one of the most popular bamboo rod tapers in existence. It’s great for those coming to bamboo from graphite, and I can’t think of a situation in which this rod doesn’t do wonders.
  • Phillipson Peerless 7′ 5wt: This is the fastest rod I make. It’s often described as a wind cannon, and it’s great at throwing big dry flies. It’s not a classic bamboo action, but it’s still a phenomenal rod.
  • Paul Young Para 14 7’9″ 5wt: Paul Young’s parabolic rods take a bit of getting used to, I think, but the Para 14 is stellar. It starts out stiff, softening in the mid section before turning into a crisp, yet delicate, tip.
  • Garrison 209E 7’9″ 5wt: Garrison pioneered, for the most part, the progressive rod action; that is, rods that progressively slow down the more line you have in the air. The 209E exemplifies that rod action, and this is a personal favorite of mine.
  • Garrison 212E 8′ 6wt: See above. Garrison’s brilliance lies in his exacting measurements that result in strikingly similar actions across all his rods.
  • Paul Young Martha Marie 7’6″ 6wt: Who wouldn’t love a rod named the Martha Marie? It’s a soft, full-flex rod that bends all the way into the cork. If you love feeling every head shake and tail waggle when fighting a fish, this is your rod.

Rod Orders

Bamboo fly rods can be ordered one of two ways – fill out this Order Inquiry Form, or shoot me an email. I’ll answer as quickly as possible.

I require a 50% deposit up front, and then you can plan on rods taking 6-10 weeks to be built and shipped your way. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and chat bamboo rods, or anything else fishing related that’s on your mind. I look forward to hearing from you!

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