More Poetry!

You’re probably all sick of it by now, but yes, this is another poem from my upcoming collection, set to be released later this year. This book of poetry is pushing back the completion of my next novel, although it’s been going much slower than Learning to Fly did. Which you should totally buy if you’re sick of reading […]

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Nature’s Language

My book of poetry is coming along much better than my new YA novel. Ironic? I’m not sure. Odd? Definitely. Regardless, I finished one poem this morning (bear in mind these are all rough drafts I’m sharing with you) that I’m rather fond of. This book of poetry contains the central theme of love, but […]

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I’m not exactly sure where this post is headed, but I feel the need to write something, so here’s something. I’m currently listening to The Clash, pretending to get things done at my day job, and thinking about a part of life which I love to ignore. I’m a devout Christian but not in the way you […]

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The Working Man’s Reality

I sat down to write a poem this morning, and I’ll be honest – what came out surprised me. Writing isn’t so much a planned activity as it is simply allowing the ideas in your head, in your community, in you moral code, all come together in a string of (hopefully) coherent words. There’s quite […]

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New Poetry!

So I’ve made a decision. Before the end of 2016, I’ll be releasing a collection of poetry. This will be an independent release, separate from my work with GenZ Publishing and my YA novels. (But don’t worry, I am working on a new YA novel, which should be done by January!) The collection of poetry […]

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Making a Difference

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need deep pockets or some fancy non-profit with cocktail dinners and wealthy donors to make a difference in this world. In a society increasingly obsessed with what’s most eye-catching on social media, the small acts of kindness that aren’t ostentatious go criminally unnoticed. You’re far less likely to tweet […]

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