Gear Review Policy

I take gear reviews seriously. After all, I got my start in this industry by doing gear reviews. As such, I want you to be aware of the following:

  • No company pays me to do gear reviews. I review the gear I want, on my schedule.
  • I don’t publish negative reviews. In the event that I get some gear that I wouldn’t personally recommend, I work directly with the manufacturer to help them get things right. Negative reviews don’t help anyone, which is why I don’t publish them. I’d rather the manufacturer get a second chance at making something, instead of being stuck with negative PR for years to come.
  • I personally recommend and stand behind all the gear I review here. I’m not blowing smoke, and I’m not reviewing gear just for the fun of it. Heaven knows I have more outdoors gear than I’ll ever use.

I put gear through its paces. I’m honest. I’ll never BS you just to get more of a certain product on the market, because I’m not being paid by any company to promote their products.

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